Professional Employer Organizations (PEO)‏

The Haberman Group has strong relationships with various PEOs. THG will assist you in the RFP process, set up and servicing of your company.

What is a PEO?
A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is a comprehensive approach to managing critical human resources responsibilities for small and mid-sized businesses. Essentially a PEO client is able to transfer the majority of their complex and time consuming tactical human resources tasks to a dedicated team of HR, benefits, payroll and risk management specialists who handle administration and provide guidance for issues specific their organization.

PEOs offer a more comprehensive suite of services than typically provided by a payroll company. The way a PEO packages its services and products is unique in that it consolidates all of the clients' employees into one employer group yet deals with the individual business rules for each client separately. For payroll, benefits, workers compensation and a large amount of the labor law compliance spectrum the employees are employed by the PEO. Thus the PEO's employer ID is used when filing and paying payroll taxes and is most often is used for workers' compensation coverage, health insurance coverage, retirement benefits and other administrative aspects of employment.

  • Leveraging HR Time – How much time is spent on HR? Be sure to consider the amount of time spent thinking about HR related issues as it is unproductive as well.
  • Business & Asset Protection – Where is the company exposed to risk? Compliance, safety and potential lawsuits all fall into this category – how well are these risks managed?
  • Long Term Cost Containment – Is there a strategy for managing benefits costs, unemployment, workers' compensation and other labor related costs?
  • Turnover Reduction – this represents one of the largest "hidden-cost" items a company has to deal with. Is there more that can be done to reduce turnover?
  • Attracting the Best Talent – all other things aside, the ability to attract great people will go a long way towards determining the level of success. Is the company an "Employer of Choice"?
  • HR Expense Management – A PEO includes most of the required services into an annual administrative fee. Eliminating costs from various vendors helps justify the PEO's fee.

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