Premium Only Plan (POP)
This section of the tax code allows an employer to pre-tax an employee's benefits on a pre-taxed basis. An employer will save on payroll tax.

Section 125 / Flex Spending Account (FSA)
The Haberman Group will provide assistance in setting up and administering the Section 125 / Flex Spending Account (FSA) program. We strongly recommend that your organization consider offering this tax savings employee benefit. Each year, the federal government sets an annual maximum limit for the FSA program. Currently the FSA maximum for 2019 is $2,700.

Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)
A HRA is an agreement between an employer and their eligible employees. The employer determines what benefits will be reimbursed and the limit of the reimbursement. This is normally utilized to lower monthly health premiums due to the fact the health plan has higher copays and deductible amounts.

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